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I photographed this gorgeous couple’s engagement session over a year ago in Las Colinas, TX. It recently got picked up and published by Beauty & Lifestyle BRIDE wedding blog. Check out their post by clicking on the image below.

fort worth engagement photographer

Freshman Year. Spring 2002. LaTonya and Jamar first noticed each other in class. LaTonya immediately thought he was handsome, and Jamar thought she was attractive too! LaTonya was totally against approaching the guy first, and according to Jamar, he was shy as well, but somehow found an unthinkable way to approach her! He asked if he could use her computer to “burn CDs!” LOL! LaTonya agreed and finally got his number! (Yes, she still remembers it to this day!) Their friendship started off great. The friendly time spent was worthwhile because they came to realize how much they had in common, including the fact that their birthdays were only four days apart (December 21st and 25th), both sets of parents’ birthdays were in March (two of them on the 25th, one on the 11th, and one on the 22nd), and, of course, the fact that they were both in the military. They lost contact and in Spring 2003, LaTonya was called to active duty to serve in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jamar knew nothing of the deployment and just so happened to call LaTonya while she was on her way to her hometown. His words to her: “Dang, you couldn’t call and say goodbye?” Her response: “Sorry!” And he followed up with: “If we ever see each other again, we’re going to be together!” Her final response, preceded by laughter, was “Whatever!” Years passed, they had lost contact yet again, and moved on with their lives. Despite the distance and infrequent communication, their paths would continue to cross. During one encounter, LaTonya ran into Jamar at a restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. They recognized each other immediately and both of their jaws dropped in amazement! From the smiles on their faces, one would have thought they had won the lottery that night! It was like, “Reunited and it feels so good!” New Year’s Eve 2006, Jamar randomly texted LaTonya to see how she was doing. It turned out that they were both in Dallas, TX with friends to bring in the new year! LaTonya and her friends met up with Jamar and his friends to hang out, and they brought in 2007 together. At that point, Jamar knew it was a sign of things to come. However, he kept ignoring the signs – wanting to live a life he had designed for himself instead of the one God had already revealed to him. From that point, the two maintained contact. They became best friends and continuously supported each other – whether it was to share in happy moments, give advice, or to lend an ear. They went on to date other people until God stepped in one final time to show Jamar an unmistakable sign that his bride-to-be had been by his side the entire time. After all, their friendship and bond revealed so much more about them as individuals and as potential mates that it was inevitable that they belonged together. As a result, Jamar finally submitted to God’s Will. On Monday, August 26, 2013, they went to lunch at LaTonya’s favorite restaurant (Benihana). Afterwards, Jamar drove around in the Las Colinas area “supposedly” looking for this piece of art he had seen. They found the Mustangs, but for some odd reason, he continued to drive around – LaTonya very unaware of what was about to take place. He found this nice bridge over water and decided to stop. He got out of the vehicle to check out the scenery and she followed shortly thereafter. The view was breathtaking – the water, buildings, peacefulness – just everything. LaTonya jokingly said, “It would be nice to have our engagement photos taken here!” Jamar responded with, “You really want to marry me, huh?”….to which LaTonya replied, “Yes!” So, Jamar suggested that they leave, but then rescinded the suggestion. LaTonya turned around to see why, and there he was, on one knee with a little black box in this hand, and he asked his best friend to marry him. And, of course, she said, “YES!”

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