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The Room on Main Dallas Wedding Photographer | Julie + Ben

I think this may have been the wedding with the most amount of tears that I have shot to date.

Happy tears , of course!

Ben and Julie both came in out of town to share their special day with friends and family at the Room on Main in Dallas.

It was a day filled with love, happiness and dancing!

Congratulations, Ben and Julie!

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the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_01 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_02 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_03 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_04 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_05 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_06 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_07 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_08 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_09 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_10 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_11 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_12 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_13 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_15 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_16 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_17 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_18 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_19 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_20 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_21 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_22 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_23 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_24 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_25 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_26 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_27 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_28 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_29 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_30 the_room_on_main_dallas_wedding_31

As per Julie’s request, everyone got their own (silly) headshot. 🙂


Many thanks to my second shooter Ryan Clubb for his help during this amazing event.

Ceremony and Reception venue: The Room on Main

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