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It’s been a year since I took one of my favorite ring shots.
I use it a lot in my marketing and am asked repeatedly how the shot was made.
It was a non eventful night while my husband was at his soccer practice so I decided to do something fun in my kitchen on the dining table.
The table has a glass top so that’s how I got the reflection to show.
I used four flashes.
I needed the light to be directed toward the ring but using a bare flash was causing the light to spread too much.
I didn’t have any grids available at the time so I made my own.
I used newspaper pages and wrapped them around the flash only leaving a small opening for the light to come out.
I secured the newspaper with rubber bands.
Fancy, I know!
I’m sure there was a little light spillage but not much.
The smoke was made with the smoke machine.
I would focus, let the smoke run and then take my shot.
It took several times and I got a few variations but this one was my favorite.
Taken with a Nikon D3 and 60mm f/2.8 lens
Exposure: 1.0 sec, f/9, ISO 250


Once my husband came home I thought I could do a similar shot with sparklers.
So I added his ring to the shot and had him hold a sparkler in the background while I took the shot.
This one was a little harder and we almost set the kitchen on fire.
Kids, do not try this at home.
You’ve been warned!


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