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Devin and Westin | Dallas Engagement Photographer | Deep Ellum | Dallas Arts District

I met Devin a few months ago at a bridal show.

She was looking for a wedding photographer, we had a little chat and seemed to click right away.

A few days later we met for coffee and I learned that both Devin and her fiancé Westin are also photographers.

Our styles and personalities seem to be a perfect fit and we decided I would shoot their wedding in March 2014.

Devin and Westin are both into cars, so they wanted to incorporate both of their cars into the engagement session somehow.

I was super excited about this and suggested we do it at night and somewhere with the Dallas skyline in the background.

We started the session at the Performing Arts Center in Dallas and moved on to Deep Ellum until the sun went down.

We then headed to the garage top where we waited for it to get dark to take the car shots.

These two a blast to work with, and not to mention so easy to photograph.

Aren’t they just adorable?

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

Oh, I somehow managed to lose my iPhone at the Performing Arts Center while I was rolling around on the ground.

We later used Devin’s phone and the Find My iPhone app to locate it and it was still just laying there on the sidewalk.

Thank God for this app and for all the honest people that may have seen it but didn’t pick it up. 🙂

And big thank you to Devin’s mom for all her help and assistance during the shoot.

She was my human light stand most times. Yay for awesome moms!

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