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McKinney Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portraits | MGroup Studio | Chelsea

I was so excited about Chelsea’s bridal session at the MGroup Studio in McKinney.

She arrived looking amazing.

Her hair and makeup were amazing.

And I simply love her dress and her long veil.

It was 110 degrees outside.

It felt like 140 at least with 100% humidity.

I carried all of my gear from the car to the MGroup studio and was out of breath in about 30 seconds.

MGroup is located on the second floor of the McKinney Cotton Mill which is not air-conditioned so I got a good workout carrying all of my stuff up the stairs.

We got ready to shoot and once I took out my camera it did not want to work.

I always carry backup gear for weddings but haven’t done it for portrait sessions much.

I tried everything I could think of but the camera kept only working every few tries.

I was freaking out a little inside but kept calm on the outside.

I told Chelsea we can keep trying and if we don’t get enough photos I will pay for her to get her hair and makeup done again so we can re-do the shoot.

She was very understanding.

She then went on to tell me how her whole day was actually not going well with all kinds of scheduling issues with hair and make up prior to the session.

She thought maybe it was just not her day.

I kept shooting and getting a shot every minute or so.

Finally after about 30 minutes my camera came back to life and started working normally.

We kept shooting and I arranged that we have an extra 30 minutes at the MGroup to make up for the lost time.

I am so glad we kept going as I am very happy with the final images.

And so was Chelsea.

I did some research and found out that the extreme changes in temperature can cause the camera to stop working temporarily.

I believe this was the case as this is the only time this has happened and I haven’t had any problems with it since.

However, I now take a backup camera to portrait sessions.

Unlike weddings, portrait sessions can be rescheduled but I’d rather not have to do put my clients through that.

Thank you Chelsea for being patient with me.

I can’t wait for your and Peyton’s wedding.

By the way, Peyton made Chelsea’s bouquet in the photos below.

Isn’t he the best fiancé ever? 🙂

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